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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been curious about what it means to be a narcissistic mother. After all, there’s no shortage of articles and discussions on the topic, and we wanted to add our two cents. In this article, we’re going to outline 21 parenting signs of a narcissistic mother. While not all of these will apply to every mother, if you recognize any of them in your own life, it might be time to reconsider your relationship with that woman. After all, being a narcissist is not only harmful to yourself and your children – it can also be damaging to your family and social circles as a whole.

Mother always wants the best for her children and herself

Parenting signs of a narcissistic mother can be difficult to notice and identify, but they are definitely there. Here are five parenting behaviors that may indicate that your mother is a narcissist: 

1. She is always demanding more from you than you can give.
2. She constantly puts herself first and demands your admiration and respect.
3. She takes everything you say or do as a personal attack on her worth as a parent.
4. She makes decisions unilaterally without consulting you, often resulting in conflicts between you and her. 
5. She has little regard for the feelings or needs of her children, often ignoring their needs or speaking to them in a condescending tone.

She is never happy with what they do or say

The parenting style of a narcissistic mother is often one of dissatisfaction and criticism. This woman is never content with what her children do or say, no matter how well they perform. She may find it difficult to accept compliments and will often take any form of validation away from her children in order to maintain control. Additionally, she may be very demanding and expect complete obedience from her children.

She expects complete loyalty from her children

1. She expects complete loyalty from her children.

Narcissistic mothers often expect complete and utter loyalty from their children, which can be incredibly suffocating and toxic. If a child doesn’t obey or sympathize with their mother’s needs, they may be punished or even ignored. This type of parenting is often Brag Worthy because it demonstrates how special and valuable the parent is to their child, which can encourage them to behave in similar ways themselves.

She takes everything they do wrong as a personal insult

Narcissistic mothers are often very critical and take everything their children do wrong as a personal insult. They may react with anger, frustration, or withdrawal. Children of narcissistic mothers often feel misunderstood and unsupported.

If you suspect that your mother has a narcissistic personality disorder, here are some signs to watch for:

1. She is constantly seeking approval from others.
2. She has a need for attention and admiration.
3. She is always in control and expects everyone around her to behave exactly the way she wants them to.
4. She has a tendency to be explosive and abusive when she’s angry or upset.
5. She devalues other people’s opinions and expects them to completely conform to her own views.
6. She tends to have unrealistic expectations of herself and others, which can cause great distress or even conflict in her relationships.

She withholds love and approval

If you are a parent of a child with a narcissistic mother, there is a good chance that you have experienced the following signs:

1. She withholds love and approval.
2. She brags about her accomplishments without your input or permission.
3. She favors her own interests over yours.
4. She becomes critical and impatient when you try to interact with her on an equal footing.

She apologizes excessively

1. She has a difficult time accepting criticism.
2. She is always in control and expects her children to behave perfectly.
3. She constantly makes herself look better than her children.
4. She brags about herself incessantly.
5. She devalues her children’s accomplishments and feelings.
6. She is often angry and hostile towards her children.

She makes all the decisions for the family

Narcissistic mothers make all the decisions for the family, often without consulting their partners or children. They may micromanage every aspect of their children’s lives, from what they wear to what they eat. Narcissistic mothers may also be overly critical and demanding, making life difficult for their children. If you’re feeling like your mother is making all the decisions without involving you or your partner, it might be time to explore whether she has narcissistic traits.

If you’re constantly feeling like you’re not in control of your own life, it might be a sign that your mother has narcissistic traits. She may act like she’s always right, even when she’s not, which can leave you feeling frustrated and powerless. If your mother makes decisions for the family without consulting you or your partner, it might be a sign that she views you as an inferior member of the team. This type of parenting can cause lasting damage to both your relationship with your mother and your self-esteem. If you suspect that your mother has narcissistic traits, it’s important to talk about it with her and get her help in changing her behavior.

She is never happy unless she is in control

Narcissistic mothers are never content unless they have complete control over their families. They may be demanding, and critical and often forbid their children from doing things that make them happy. Children of narcissistic mothers often feel insecure and unsupported. They may also be shy or withdrawn, demonstrating low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. The following are parenting signs that your child is with a narcissistic mother:

1. Your child complains about always having to do things their mother’s way.
2. Your child avoids any activity or person that doesn’t involve their mother.
3. Your child makes constant apologies for anything—even if it isn’t their fault at all.
4. Your child has low self-esteem and feels ashamed of themselves.
5. Your child exhibits traits such as shyness, withdrawal, low self-esteem, and insecurity in social situations.

She constantly belittles her children

If you’re constantly belittling your children, it might be a sign that you have a narcissistic mother. A narcissistic mother is often critical and dismissive of her children, which can create feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in them. This type of parenting can lead to a lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem in the child. If you find yourself doing this frequently, it’s important to seek out counseling or therapy to help improve your relationship with your children.

The narcissist

The parenting style of a narcissistic mother can be quite damaging to her children. A narcissistic mother is always looking out for herself first and often neglects her children in the process. Here are some signs that your mother might be narcissistic:

Your mother frequently brags about herself or her accomplishments. She may talk about how wonderful she is all the time or how everyone should admire her. This type of behavior creates an environment of constant self-promotion which can be difficult for children to deal with.

Your mother often expects complete and total obedience from her children. If her demands are not met, she may become angry or punish them in some way. This type of authority figure relationship is harmful to children because it teaches them that they need to please their parents at all costs.

Your mother may also be emotionally abusive towards her children. She may lash out at them verbally or physically, making their lives incredibly difficult. Children who are constantly subjected to emotional abuse develop a very negative view of themselves and struggle throughout their lives to trust others.

What traits does a narcissistic mother have?

Narcissistic mothers are characterized by a lack of empathy, deep self-absorption, and a need for admiration. They often have very high expectations of themselves and their children and can be incredibly demanding. Children of narcissistic mothers often grow up feeling like they are never good enough, which can have negative effects on their self-esteem.

Narcissistic mothers also tend to be very critical and judgemental, frequently using belittling comments to gaslight their children. This constant criticism can make it difficult for kids to feel confident in themselves, which can lead to serious psychological issues down the road.

If you’re feeling like your mother is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above, it might be time to consider talking to her about it. It’s possible that she simply has high standards and is trying to do what’s best for you, but if she’s making you feel bad about yourself then it’s definitely time to take some action.

What happens to daughters of narcissistic mothers?

Daughters of narcissistic mothers often experience a number of difficulties in their lives. Some of the more common problems include: feeling insecure, having difficulty trusting others, having low self-esteem, experiencing anxiety and depression, struggling with relationships, and having difficulty building meaningful and lasting relationships.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how daughters of narcissistic mothers will fare in life, as each individual will experience the effects of growing up with a narcissistic mother differently. However, there are some warning signs that can help you identify whether you are dealing with a daughter who is vulnerable to suffering from these issues. If you notice any of the following behaviors or traits in yourself or your loved ones, it may be time to seek professional help: being hypersensitive to criticism and feedback, always needing approvals from others, exhibiting a lack of empathy or compassion for others, being preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success or power, being inflexible and unable to change course when things get challenging in life, chronic lying (even when it’s not necessary), exhibiting reckless behavior (especially financial), extreme mood swings that can be difficult to predict or control (for example going from feeling depressed to feeling elated without reason), using people for personal gain without regard for their feelings or needs.

If you find that any of these indicators apply to you or someone you know it may be helpful to reach out for support. There are numerous resources available online and through local communities that can provide assistance.

What are the signs you were raised by a narcissistic mother?

There are many signs that you were raised by a narcissistic mother. Some of the signs may include:
-You feel like you need to be the best at everything, even if it means overcompensating or putting yourself down.
-You feel like your needs don’t matter, and that you are always wrong.
-You withdraw from your friends and family and oftentimes isolate yourself.
-Your mother is constantly talking about herself, boasting about her accomplishments, or putting others down in order to boost her own ego.
-Your mother regularly gives you orders rather than advice, actions rather than words.
-Your mother is insensitive or doesn’t care about your feelings or well-being.

What do narcissistic mothers do to their children?

1. Parenting signs of a narcissistic mother can be difficult to spot, but there are a few key behaviors that might indicate that you’re dealing with a highly selfish and self-centered woman.

2. One hallmark of a narcissistic mother is her constant need for admiration and attention. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her children close, whether it’s through flattering them or lavishing them with special privileges.

3. A narcissistic mother also expects absolute obedience from her children and can be very demanding. If you don’t agree with her or don’t toe the line exactly as she wants, she may withdraw love and approval from you in an effort to establish control.

4. Finally, a narcissistic mother is often full of herself and will brag about her accomplishments incessantly. This can be quite jarring for children who are used to getting only positive feedback from their mommy – making it difficult to build healthy self-esteem.


It can be hard to know what to do when you start to see the parenting signs of a narcissistic mother. After all, how do you tell the difference between normal selfishness and pathological narcissism? Well, fortunately, there are some things that will always indicate that your mother is narcissistic. In fact, if you see any of the following 21 signs in your mother, it might be worth considering seeking professional help: 1) She has an inflated sense of her own worth and believes she is superior to everyone else 2) She tends to put herself first even at the expense of others 3) She has a lack of empathy for others, including those who are close to her 4) She often displays arrogant or haughty behaviors towards other people 5) She continuously puts her needs above those of her children or spouse 6) She becomes enraged very easily and lashes out at anyone who challenges her authority or view on life 7) Her relationships with friends and family members tend to be very superficial

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