4 Reasons Why the Narcissist Hates You | Why Does The Narcissist Hate Me

Everyone has experienced the Narcissist at some point in their lives. They’re the person who seems to get everything they want, no matter what. They’re the person who can charm the pants off of anyone, regardless of age or status. But what is it about this personality type that makes them so hated? And why do they seem to universally despise everyone they meet? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the Narcissist’s behavior and how you can protect yourself from becoming one of their victims. Read on to learn why the Narcissist hates you and how you can protect yourself from their wrath.

Narcissists are experts at using others

Narcissists are experts at using others. They don’t have their own needs or wants in mind, they only care about what will benefit them. This is why the narcissist hates you – because your existence limits their ability to exploit you.

The narcissist may seem charming and loving at first, but beware – underneath that facade is a ruthlessly self-serving person. They will use anyone and everyone to get what they want, regardless of how much pain they cause.

The narcissist sees people as tools to be used and then discarded when no longer needed. They view relationships as nothing more than opportunities to get what they want and will manipulate you to get what they want.

Narcissist sees everything through a lens of self-interest and never misses an opportunity to put themselves first. If something doesn’t benefit them, they won’t do it – even if it means breaking your trust or hurting you emotionally.

Narcissists view themselves as superior to others

Narcissists view themselves as superior to others and believe that they are entitled to special treatment and preferential treatment. They also believe that they are right all the time and that others should always defer to them. This makes it difficult for others to get along with them because they expect too much from them.

Another reason why narcissists hate others is that they derive their self-esteem from being seen as strong, successful, and powerful. When people do not accord them the respect they deem appropriate, it can damage their self-esteem severely. It is also common for narcissists to be egoistic and vain, which can make them resentful of anyone who does not worship at their feet.

Narcissists are insecure and crave admiration

The narcissist hates you because he is insecure. Narcissists crave admiration and often find it in others, but they are also very sensitive to any kind of criticism or disapproval. If you make your contempt for him clear, it can be a huge blow to his ego. He will likely react by becoming more aggressive and controlling towards you to try and compensate for his feelings of inferiority.

Narcissists use emotional blackmail to control you

Narcissists use emotional blackmail to control you. They know that using fear, intimidation and psychological manipulation is one of the quickest ways to get what they want from you. They use these tactics to get what they want in both personal and professional relationships. The following are four reasons why narcissists use emotional blackmail:

1. Narcissists feel entitled. They believe that they are special and deserve all the good things in life, without having to work for it or deserve it. This entitlement makes them feel powerful and invincible, which gives them a sense of superiority over you. When you refuse them something they want, they may resort to emotional blackmail in order to get their way.

2. Narcissists rely on abusing your emotions in order to control you. When you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, they can take advantage of that fact by manipulating your feelings. For example, if you’re upset about something minor, the narcissist may use this as an opportunity to try and guilt-trip you into doing what he/she wants. Or if you’re angry at him/her, s/he may try and turn that anger against you by making accusations or trying to manipulate your perception of the situation.

3. Narcissists rely on threats and intimidation in order to keep their victims under control. If they can make you fear for your safety or think that leaving would be a bad idea, then s/he has effectively won the battle for control over you. In

What makes a narcissist hate someone?

There are many reasons why the narcissist might hate someone, but some of the most common reasons include:
2. The narcissist perceives the person as a threat to their ego or sense of self-worth.
3. The narcissist feels that the person has wronged them in some way and must be punished.
4. The narcissist sees the person as a source of frustration or annoyance, something that gets in their way or makes their life harder.
5. The narcissist may feel threatened by the person’s qualities or abilities, viewing them as a potential rival or competitor.

How do you make a narcissist fear you?

There are a few things you can do to make the narcissist fear you. One is to be unpredictable. The narcissist thrives on being in control and knowing what’s going to happen, so when you’re unpredictable it makes him or her feel insecure. Another way to make the narcissist fear you is to be constantly critical. The narcissist needs admiration and respect, so when you undermine his or her worth constantly, it will cause them great distress. Finally, be aggressive and threatening. This will send a message to the narcissist that you’re not afraid of retaliation, which will cause them to back off.

How does a narc react when you no longer care?

Narcissists are individuals who need constant admiration and affirmation from others in order to feel good about themselves. When their partner no longer provides this, the narcissist may react with anger, resentment, and withdrawal.

Anger is usually the first reaction of a narcissist when they feel devalued or rejected. They may become agitated and angry with their partner for no reason, or they may lash out verbally or physically. Narcissists often view any criticism as a personal attack and will try to discredit their partner tirelessly in an effort to regain control.

Resentment is another common response to being ignored or rejected by a narcissist. They’ll likely feel like their once-perfect life has been ruined and that they’re now nothing more than a worthless shadow of their former self. This resentment can lead to feelings of jealousy, hostility, and revengefulness towards the person who abandoned them.

Withdrawal is the final stage of the narcissistic meltdown cycle and it’s typically the most destructive. A narcissist who feels abandoned will begin to isolate themselves from friends and family members in order to cope with the pain. This can lead to depression, substance abuse, and even suicide attempts if untreated.

Why does narcissist hate their spouse?

Narcissists are extremely self-centered individuals who have little regard for others. This can lead to many problems in a relationship, as the narcissist will constantly pursue their own interests at the expense of the spouse.

One of the main reasons narcissists hate their spouses is because they are often incapable of fulfilling the needs of the narcissist. This can be seen as a threat to the narcissist’s self-image, as it undermines their belief that they are superior in every way. 

The narcissist may also feel threatened by the spouse’s intelligence, stature, or other qualities. If these traits don’t sit well with the narcissist, they can become very possessive and jealous of them.


If you’re wondering why the narcissist hates you and why they keep coming back, consider these four possible reasons. Maybe one of them applies to you and you don’t even realize it!

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