6 Honest Ways to Make a Narcissist Tell the Truth | How To Trick A Narcissist Into Telling The Truth

It can be difficult to get a narcissist to open up. They are often so full of themselves that it’s hard for them to accept criticism or admit their wrongs. This makes it difficult for you to get truthful information out of them, even if you think it’s important. In this blog post, we will outline six honest ways to trick a narcissist into telling the truth. By using these tactics, you can gain insight into their motivations and understand their behavior better.

Identify the Narcissist’s Primary Needs

Narcissists have a deep-seated need for admiration and affirmation. If their needs aren’t met, they can become aggressive, violent, and even suicidal. Here are some things you can do to help meet a narcissist’s primary needs:

1. Give them compliments regularly.

Narcissists love to hear how great they are, so tell them often! Make sure the compliments are genuine and meaningful, though — don’t just say things to make the narcissist feel good.

2. Praise their accomplishments openly and sincerely.

Narcissists desperately need validation from others, so let them know how proud you are of what they’ve done. Be honest about your concerns, but also be supportive and understanding.

3. Pay attention to their wants and needs first.

Don’t try to take care of everything on your behalf; focus on meeting the narcissist’s needs first and foremost. This will ensure that he feels appreciated and important – two things that are essential to his happiness

Appeal to Their Emotional Needs

When trying to get a narcissist, to tell the truth, it’s important to understand their emotional needs. People with narcissistic personalities often rely on emotions such as arrogance, entitlement, and superiority to function effectively. When these emotions are threatened or challenged, they can become defensive and withdraw from the interaction.

Some effective methods of persuading a narcissist, to tell the truth, may involve appealing to their emotional needs in a way that doesn’t threaten them. For example, praising them for their accomplishments even if they don’t deserve it can help build rapport. Offering consolation when they feel upset can also prove beneficial. As long as the emotional need is being met without undermining the narcissist’s sense of self-worth, they may be more likely to open up about what’s going on inside them.

Give Them Something They Want

Narcissists are often masters at manipulation, so if you want to get them to tell the truth it can be tricky. However, there are a few honest methods you can try.

One way is to give them what they want. That could mean anything from buying them something they desire to agree with them 100% on everything. Sometimes all it takes is making them feel like they’re in control for a little while to get them to open up and spill their guts.

Another method is confrontation. If you know something the narcissist is hiding, bring it up bluntly. Make sure you have proof if needed, but don’t back down when they start getting defensive. Push until they break and admit what they did or said wrong.

Finally, keep in mind that not all Narcissists will respond to any of these methods equally well. Some might be more prone to spilling their secrets than others, so patience is key!

Use Psychological Tricks

Many psychological tricks can be used to get a narcissist to tell the truth. One of the most common is called the mirror test. The mirror test is a technique used to judge how much a person loves. If a narcissist looks in the mirror and does not see their face, it can be taken as an indication that they do not care about themselves and may be more likely, to tell the truth. Other techniques that may work include challenging the narcissist’s beliefs or questioning their intelligence.

Be Persistent

Narcissists can be difficult to trick. However, with a little persistence and some clever tactics, you can get them to open up and tell the truth.

Here are five ways to trick a narcissist into telling the truth:

1. Use Deception
One of the easiest ways to trick a narcissist into revealing information is to use deception. This can include using aliases or pretending to be someone they don’t want to talk to. By hoodwinking your opponent, you may be able to get them to reveal sensitive information that they would otherwise keep hidden.

2. Exploit Their Insecurities
Narcissists are often very insecure and rely on others to feel good about themselves. When you start complimenting them excessively or reaching out to help them in ways they find flattering, they may begin sharing more personal information with you. This is because they trust that you won’t hurt or betray them in the process.

3. Appeal To Their Feelings of Superiority and Powerlessness
Narcissists often view themselves as superior beings who are in control of everything around them. When you start complimenting their achievements or talking down about their opponents, they may become defensive and share more personal information with you in an attempt to prove that they are right and your opponent is wrong.

4. Play The Victim Card
Many narcissists enjoy playing the victim card and feel discomfort

How do you get a narcissist to reveal you?

There are a few honest ways to make a narcissist reveal the truth. To get them to open up and tell you the things that have been on their mind, it is important to be understanding and forgiving. You must also be firm in your demands for honesty, but do not let your anger or frustration override your ability to empathize. Here are four tips to help you get the narcissist talking:

1. Let Them Know That You Are There For Them

Narcissists often feel lonely and unsupported, so show them that you care by being there for them when they need you. Honesty is often a result of feeling safe and secure within a relationship, so making sure your partner feels valued will encourage them to share what’s on their mind.

2. Open Up Yourself First

If you want your narcissist to open up about what’s bothering them, start by opening up about what’s going on in your life. This will likely prove vulnerable for both of you, but it will help build trust between the two of you and create an environment where honesty can thrive.

3. Be Patient And Respect Their Limits

Narcissists are often very defensive and resistant to change, so do not try to force them into revealing information they are not yet ready to share. Remember that it may take time for them to open up completely, so be patient and understanding while waiting for them.

How do you finally outsmart a narcissist?

Narcissists are masters of deception, so it can be difficult to get them to tell the truth. However, there are a few honest methods that may work.

1. Ask open-ended questions

Narcissists love to talk about themselves, so start your conversation by asking questions that focus on their thoughts and experiences. This will allow them to open up and share information about themselves in a way that feels comfortable for them.

2. Avoid sudden changes in conversation

Narcissists thrive off of positive attention, so avoid abruptly changing the subject or turning the conversation into a confrontation. Instead, slowly introduce new topics and wait for the narcissist to bring up their thoughts and feelings.

Does a narcissist know they are lying?

Typically, when a person lies, they know they are doing so. Narcissists, however, may not always realize that what they are saying is not true. There are several ways to make a narcissist aware of the fact that what they are saying is not factual.

One way to do this is to ask a series of questions that demand a response that is not based on fact. For example, “What does your father do for a living?” This question demands an answer that is not based on reality because the father of any given narcissist may have any number of professions.

Another method involves using sarcasm. When using sarcasm, it is important to be clear about what you are saying. For example, say to a narcissist “I can see why you would think that was impressive – after all, your dad’s an idiot!” By being clear about what you mean and using effective communication techniques, you can help make the narcissist aware of their inaccuracy.

How do you make a narcissist scared?

If you want to make a narcissist scared, here are some honest ways to do so.

One tactic is to accuse the narcissist of being untrustworthy or untruthful. This can be done subtly or overtly, but the end goal is always to put the narcissist on the defensive and make them feel like they need to justify themselves.

Another way to make a narcissist scared is to attack their self-esteem. This can be done by pointing out their flaws or presenting evidence that contradicts their self-image. If you can discredit the narcissist’s self-assertiveness, they will likely start to doubt themselves and become more likely to listen to others.


If you’re looking for ways to get a narcissist to tell the truth, here are some honest tricks that may work.

1. Get them to talk about themselves. Narcissists love to talk about themselves, so if you can get them talking about their own experiences and motivations, they may be more likely to open up about others.

2. Use sarcasm and humor. Narcissists are very sensitive and react strongly to any form of criticism or mockery, so try your best not to take things too seriously and instead use humor to disarm them.

3. Be persistent. If you keep at it, eventually the narcissist will start opening up and telling the truth – even if it’s something they don’t want to admit.

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