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Believe it or not, you can actually play mind games with narcissists. Whether it’s sparring verbally or mentally challenging them, these people love a good challenge. And because narcissists are so used to being in control, they always come out on top. While the narcissist may seem unbeatable at first, know that there are some tactics you can use to combat their dominance. By understanding narcissism and its mind games, you can set yourself up for success in any situation. So next time you’re dealing with a narcissist, be prepared to play one of their own games and win.

Trivial Pursuit

Narcissists love to play mind games because they know that they always win. Narcissists take advantage of people by playing games with them, and the victim always ends up losing. Here are six of the most common narcissistic games:

1. Trivial Pursuit: This is a classic example of a narcissistic game. Narcissists try to stump their victims by asking difficult questions that they know the victim can’t answer. They then laugh when their victim fails, proving their superiority.

2. Mirror Matching: Narcissists often want to see how much control they have over their victims. They will ask them to do things like match items on a shopping list or name as many celebrities as possible in one minute. If the victim succeeds, the narcissist may feel indebted to them or even admiration. However, if the victim fails, the narcissist can use this information to further manipulate and dominate them.

3. Gaslighting: This is another classic narcissistic game tactic. Narcissists will make their victims doubt their own sanity, making them question their own thoughts and feelings constantly. This can make it difficult for victims to cope or resist the narcissist’s demands, leading to further manipulation and control over them.

4. Demanding Perfection: Narcissists constantly put pressure on their victims in order to feel superior. They might expect them to be perfect at everything or always meet their high standards, even if this is impossible or unfair。

The Telephone Game

Narcissists love playing the Telephone Game. It’s a classic way to get what they want by manipulating someone else into doing their bidding. Here’s how it works…

1. The narcissist starts by putting the other person on the defensive by accusing them of something they didn’t do. This creates fear and suspicion in the victim, which allows the narcissist to take control.

2. The narcissist then demands that the victim do something that is clearly not in their best interest. This could be anything from apologizing for something that wasn’t even their fault to making a major life decision without consulting them.

3. The victim feels like they have no choice but to comply with the narcissist, which gives them a sense of power and control over them. In reality, however, the victim has only ceded power to the narcissist for a short time while making themselves susceptible to further manipulation in the future.

The Mirror Game

The Mirror Game is a psychological game narcissists play to stay in control. Narcissists use this game to judge how they are perceived by others and to manipulate those around them. The goal of the mirror game is for the narcissist to maintain their sense of superiority while appearing to be in control. They do this by manipulating others into mirroring back what they say and do. The more people who are caught up in the game, the more powerful and successful the narcissist feels.

Narcissists use mirroring as a form of manipulation because it works well on people who are emotionally weak. When someone is emotionally weak, they readily copy what they see or hear. This makes them feel like they have control over that person, which ultimately gives the narcissist power over them. Narcissists use mirroring as a way to get people to do things that benefit them, whether it’s agreeing with them or fulfilling their needs.

The most effective way to avoid being manipulated by a narcissist is to be aware of their games and refuse to let them win. If you catch yourself being mirrored or having your thoughts dictated by the narcissist, take a step back and assess what’s going on. Remember not to let them control your emotions or behavior – you’re stronger than that!

The Pouring Over Yourself Game

One way narcissists win is by taking control of the conversation. They’ll start pouring their own self-importance on, emphasizing how smart, wonderful, or talented they are. No matter what the other person says, they’ll continue to talk about themselves. This makes the other person feel small and overwhelmed. Eventually, they’ll give up and agree with everything the narcissist says.

Narcissists also use guilt to get what they want. They’ll say things like “I know you’re feeling guilty because you care about me” or “It’s not fair that I have to do this all by myself.” By guilt-tripping the other person, narcissists can get them to do what they want without much resistance.

Finally, narcissists use threats and intimidation to get what they want. They might say things like “If you don’t do what I want, I’ll never speak to you again” or “I can ruin your life if I choose to.” These threats make the other person afraid and insecure, which gives the narcissist more control over them.

The Competition Game

Narcissists find great joy in playing the competition game. They love to feel like they are better than everyone else, and they enjoy putting others down. Narcissists use this game as a way to control people and to get what they want.

Here are four ways that narcissists play the competition game:

1. The devaluation phase. During the devaluation phase, narcissists will start to put other people down in order to make themselves look better. This can take many forms, including making fun of them, saying they’re stupid, or accusing them of not being able to do anything. Narcissists always aim to lower the other person’s self-esteem so that they will be more likely to submit to their demands.

2. The triangulation phase. In the triangulation phase, narcissists will start to involve other people in their competitions with each other in order to create even more tension and drama. They’ll try to pit one person against another in order to see who can win best or worst over time. This can involve stealing each other’s friends, sabotaging each other’s projects, or even spreading malicious gossip about each other behind their backs.

3. The undermining phase. In the undermining phase, narcissists will start doing everything possible to undermine their opponents in order to make them look bad in the eyes of others. This could include spreading false rumors about them, making dis insinuations about their character, or even

The One-Upping Game

Narcissists love to one-up others, especially those they see as weaker. This can be shown in many ways, but some of the most common is through bragging, manipulating events or people to make them feel inferior, and constantly making assumptions about others’ intentions.

Because narcissists view themselves as superior all the time, they never feel content with their own achievements – they always have to one-up someone else. This can often lead to some very hurtful exchanges between narcissists and their unsuspecting targets.

While it may seem like a game to the narcissist, it is actually very damaging for the other person. Narcissists use people for their own gain and rarely give anything back in return – which means that anyone caught up in this game is usually left feeling empty and used.

What kind of mind games do narcissists play?

Narcissistic individuals love to play mind games with others in order to gain control and manipulate them. These games can be subtle or overt, and can sometimes be difficult to detect. Here are some of the most common narcissistic mind games:

1. The ‘blind spot’ game. Narcissists love to exploit people’s vulnerabilities, and will often try to catch others off-guard by asking them for something they cannot possibly grant. They may do this by pretending not to notice something that is blatantly obvious, or by asking a question that implies a lack of knowledge on the part of the other person. This is often used as a way to gain trust and control over the other person.

2. The ‘mirror game’. Narcissists frequently test the limits of their victims’ patience by demanding they mimic everything they say or do. They may do this in an attempt to see how much influence they have over their victim, or simply as a way of exercising power over them. If you find yourself being asked to mirror everything your narcissist says or does, it’s important to remember that he or she is only testing you – don’t let him get too far!

3. The ‘triangulation’ game. Narcissists use triangulation (the practice of creating an environment where someone else becomes critical or negative towards someone else) as a way of controlling others. They will often use friends, family members, and co-workers as tools

Why do narcissists play with your mind?

Narcissists love to play mind games with their victims. They know that by manipulating and abusing people, they can get what they want. Narcissists use a variety of tactics to achieve their goals, but the most common is playing with your emotions.

When a narcissist interacts with you, they always aim to establish control. This is why they will bombard you with compliments and flattering remarks. They want you to feel good about yourself so that you’ll let them have more power over you.

They also use guilt trips to get what they want. For example, if you refuse to do something that the narcissist wants, they may accuse you of being selfish or ungrateful. This tactic causes feelings of shame and vulnerability in the victim, which the narcissist can then use against them.

Another way that narcissistic personalities manipulate people is by using fear and intimidation. They know that some people are more likely to cave in under pressure than others, so they target those individuals first. If a narcissist senses that someone is starting to show signs of resisting them, they may start throwing all kinds of emotional blackmail at them in an attempt to make them change their mind.

Finally, narcissistic personalities often rely on praise and compliments as a form of manipulation. Whenever possible, they will seek out situations where they can lavishly compliment someone else in front of the victim in order to gain their trust and admiration. Once these individuals are under their

How do you beat a narcissist at his own mind games?

There are certain ways that narcissists try to win your admiration and love, even if you don’t want to be involved with them. They may try to dazzle you with their brilliance or charm, make you feel like the only one who understands them or use threats or intimidation to keep you in line. If you’re ever caught up in a narcissistic mind game, here are some strategies for breaking free and moving on:

1. Stand your ground. Don’t let yourself be drawn in by the narcissist’s false promises of love and care. Be honest with yourself and remember that this person is not worth your time or energy.

2. Keep your head clear. Don’t get caught up in the narcissist’s lies or half-truths – they will do anything to keep control over you. Stay focused on what is important to you, and stick to your own convictions no matter how difficult it might be.

3. Remember who you are. You don’t have to let the narcissist control every aspect of your life – remember who you are and what makes you happy! If the narcissistic mind game is starting to take its toll on your mental health, reach out for help – there is support available if you need it.

What is narcissistic triangulation?

Narcissists use triangulation as a way to maintain control over their victims. This is when narcissist uses another person to validate and reinforce their own feelings about themselves. They will often try to get their victim to focus on the other person instead of them, in order to avoid being seen as vulnerable. Narcissists also use triangulation to isolate their victims from supportive people or institutions. By manipulating others, they can keep their victim feeling alone and hopeless, which allows them to continue abusing them without consequence.


Narcissists are masters at playing mind games, and they always seem to come out on top. Whether it’s using guilt or threats to get what they want, narcissists have a way of getting their way no matter what. But whether you’re being played by a Narcissist or not, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and gain the upper hand in these games of love and manipulation.

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