9 Flirty Texts to Get Him Chasing You | 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You?

When you’re out on a first date, it can be difficult to know what to say. Should you go for the safe and conventional route or take a chance and break the ice? While no one answer works for everyone, these flirty texts might just get him chasing after you. 1. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” 2. “You make me feel so alive.” 3. “I just want to be near you.” 4. “Your eyes are hypnotizing.” 5. “I’m not sure where this is going, but I’m excited to find out.”

Why Text Chasing is So Effective

Text chasing is one of the most effective ways to get a man chasing you. It’s all about using text messages and emails to make him feel desired and wanted. By sending him texts that make him feel like you’re interested in him, you’ll create an air of excitement and intrigue around you that he’ll be eager to chase. Here are some flirty text messages to get him chasing you:

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“You’re always on my mind.”
“I can’t get enough of your touch.”
“How do I look? In your eyes, I mean.”

The Different Types of Text Chasing

Text chasing can be a fun way to get someone chasing you. Different types of text chasing can work for different people. Here are four examples:

1. Online Game Chasing: This type of chasing is all about playing games with your partner online. You can send them messages that make them laugh, challenge them, or try to beat their score on a game they’re really into. Games can be serious or silly, but the goal is to keep the conversation going and make them want more from you.

2. Casual Conversation Chasing: This type of chase is all about having casual conversations with your partner without actually committing to anything. You can talk about anything and everything, but the ultimate goal is to keep the conversation going and see where it goes.

3. Social Media Chasing: This type of chase is all about getting your partner’s attention on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can message them directly, follow them, and leave comments on their posts to start a conversation with them.

4. Physical Chasing: This type of chase involves doing things together that will lead the other person to want you more physically such as going out for coffee, grabbing a bite at a restaurant, or even just spending time together in general.

How to Start a Flirty Text Conversation

If you’re looking to start a flirty text conversation with your crush, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, be sure to use phrases that will make him feel desired and wanted. Second, be sure to keep the conversation light and fun. And finally, don’t overdo it – if he’s not responding quickly enough or if the texts start to feel too heavy, then it might be time to back off. Here are some flirty texts that could get him chasing after you:

“Hey! What’s up?”
“I was thinking about you all day!”
“What are you up to tonight?”

How to Respond To a Text When He’s Chasing You

There are a few things to keep in mind when sending flirty texts to get him chasing you:
– Make sure your text is well-written and interesting. A good way to show that you’re interested is to use active verbs and avoid using clichés.
– Keep the conversation light and fun. Texting about serious topics can make it difficult for him to focus on your conversation.
– Don’t be afraid to change up your tactics from message to message. If he’s responding positively to some of your texts but not others, try varying the content or tone of your messages a bit. This will give him a sense of uncertainty (which can make him chase after you more!).

What to text a man to make him chase you?

Looking to get that man chasing you? Here are some flirty texts to get him going!

To start things off, try saying something like “You make my heart race” or “I can’t help but stare at you.” If he’s interested, he’ll want to know what makes your heart race and why you can’t stop staring at him.

Next up, be sure to text him often and keep the conversation interesting. Make sure not to overshare too much information or try to be too personal, but instead use teasing and wit to keep the mood light and fun.

If all of this seems a little too hard, there’s no need to stress – just use some basic flirting techniques and watch as he starts chasing after you!

How do you make him crave for you through text?

There are a few things you can do to get your man chasing after you with text messages. One way is to use suggestive language in your texts. For example, when texting him about what he should wear to a party, try saying something like “I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I catch you checking out all of the girls in their skimpy dresses.”

You can also send him cute self-promotion texts. For example, if you’re doing a presentation at work and want him to come to watch, text him and say something like “Looking forward to seeing you this morning! Got some great news too–I’m presenting!” This will make him want to come to see what’s so great about it and hopefully make Date Night that much more special.

How do you get a guy to constantly text you?

If you want a guy to text you all the time, one way to get him started is by making sure that your texts are flirty and suggestive. Here are some tips for getting him to text you all the time:

Text him with open-ended questions. For example, “What are you doing tonight?” or “How was your day?” These types of questions allow him to talk about anything without having to be specific.

Be playful. Make sure your texts sound like they came straight out of a fun conversation between friends. This will make him feel like he’s talking to someone he knows well and he’ll likely respond in kind.

Send photos when possible. Not only does this show that you’re interested in what he’s doing, but it also opens the door for a potential conversation about whatever it is he’s up to. Just be sure not to send too many photos in one message or it might come across as too pushy or excessive.

What texts do guys like to receive?

There’s no secret that guys love getting romantic text messages from women. In fact, according to a study by The Huffington Post, men are more likely than women to say that they love getting texts with heartfelt expressions of love.

That being said, there are a lot of different ways to send the right flirty text message and get the man you’re interested in chasing after you. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best techniques for doing just that!

1. Start with a Compliment

One of the easiest ways to start getting a guy chasing after you is by simply complimenting him on something he’s done or said. For instance, if he’s been working hard at work and put in a long day, tell him how impressed you are and how much you appreciate it. This will show him that you see him as an intelligent and talented person, which will make him want to pursue things with you further.

2. Be Sexy Without Being Explicit

Many times when people want someone else to pursue them romantically, they’ll be explicit about it in their messages. However, this can backfire if the guy is not into that sort of thing. Instead, try being sexy without explicitly saying anything about sex or relationships. For example, slipping in a suggestive remark about his good looks or body might work better for you than trying to overtly call attention to your body parts. Guys love subtlety!

3. Send Him Fun Messages


Today we’re taking a look at 9 flirty texts that you can use to get your man chasing after you. Whether you want him to come over and do something physical or just take you on a romantic date, these texts will make him feel desired and wanted. So go ahead, give them a try and see what happens!

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