How Do Narcissists Treat Their Friends? Spoiler, Not Good! | Do Narcissists Have Friends?

Narcissists are usually thought of as people who are self-centered and have no regard for others. And while this may be partially true, it’s not the whole story. Narcissists can be quite destructive when it comes to their friends. In this blog post, we will explore how narcissists treat their friends and what that means for you as a friend of a narcissist. From abandonment to gaslighting, make sure you read all about it so that you can protect yourself from this type of relationship.

What is Narcissism?

Narcissists tend to be very self-absorbed and have a very limited perspective on the world around them. This can create problems in relationships because they often do not understand or care about the feelings of others. They also tend to be very demanding and expect their friends to cater to their needs without questioning them. As a result, narcissists are often unsupportive and critical of those who are close to them.

The Types of Narcissism

There are three primary types of narcissism, according to the Mayo Clinic: self-absorbed, grandiose, and paranoid. Each type has its own set of behaviors and relationships with others. Here’s a look at each:

Self-Absorbed Narcissists: These narcissists focus on themselves to the exclusion of all else. They see themselves as superior and often take no responsibility for their actions or words. They typically have few friends and rely on their family and romantic partners for emotional support.

Grandiose Narcissists: These narcissists are highly confident in their abilities and view themselves as above average. They may boast about their accomplishments or make unrealistic claims about their attractiveness or intelligence. They typically have few friends and rely on people they view as being above them, such as experts or other powerful figures.

Paranoid Narcissists: These narcissists are suspicious and believe everyone is out to get them. They may be excessively self-critical, always looking for proof that they’re wrong and unsupported by reality. They usually have few friends because they can’t trust anyone enough to let them into their lives.

How Narcissists Treat Their Friends

Narcissists tend to treat their friends very poorly. They may be unfriendly, unsupportive, and even hostile. This can cause a lot of pain and difficulty for the friend.

One reason narcissists tend to be so destructive toward their friends is that they need someone to rely on and idolize. When those relationships fall apart, it can be very damaging for the narcissist. They may feel like a failure and experience intense sadness and loneliness.

The Relationship Between Narcissism and Friendship

There is a strong relationship between narcissism and friendship. Narcissists tend to be very egotistical, and they need friends who will validate their self-importance. For a narcissist to maintain a healthy relationship with a friend, the friend must satisfy two primary needs: admiration and reinforcement.

Narcissists are always on the lookout for new admirers, which can be difficult to come by. They may go out of their way to seek out positive attention, or they may be hypersensitive to any criticism or lack of affirmation. The key for a friend of a narcissist is not to challenge the narcissist’s grandiose fantasies or expectations, but rather to provide constant validation and assurance that the narcissist is amazing just as he/she is.

One problem that often develops in friendships between narcissists and others is that the other person eventually becomes disillusioned with the narcissist’s false sense of self-worth. This can lead to feelings of betrayal and abandonment, which can damage both the friendship and the individual’s self-esteem. Both friends and family members of narcissists need to be aware of this pattern so that they can intervene before it gets too far out of control.

Do narcissists have narcissist friends?

Narcissists have a very different perspective on relationships than the average person. They tend to focus on themselves and their own needs, which can lead to difficulties in forming close friendships. Narcissists often expect their friends to take care of them and do things for them without reciprocating. This often leads to strained relationships where one party is always taking advantage of the other.

Research shows that narcissists are less likely to have friends than people who don’t score highly on measures of narcissism. This is likely because narcissists are often preoccupied with themselves and view others as tools or objects that can be used for their benefit. Instead of developing genuine relationships, they tend to rely on shallow interactions that provide little benefit or satisfaction for either party. 

So if you’re wondering how narcissists treat their friends, the answer is not good! They typically treat them poorly by expecting too much from them and taking advantage of them. This can lead to a lot of tension and conflict in the friendship, making it difficult for either party to enjoy being around the other.

How do narcissists behave with friends?

Narcissists are often hostile and unkind to their friends. They can be dismissive, condescending, or aggressive. They may also blame their friends for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Narcissists typically have few, if any, close friends.

Do narcissists have few friends?

Narcissists tend to have few friends due to their need for admiration and self-centeredness. They will often devalue the friendships of others and take advantage of them. Friendships with narcissists are often unstable, as the narcissist will change their behavior or priorities without warning. This can make it difficult for friends to rely on the narcissist because they never know what to expect. Additionally, narcissists often lack empathy which makes it difficult for them to connect with other people.

Why do narcissists discard friends?

Narcissists typically discard friends who don’t meet their needs. They may only keep those friends who agree with them, support them, or are flattering to them. Those friends who challenge or criticize the narcissist may be cast aside. Narcissists also often devalue friendship itself, viewing it as a weak and simple concept unworthy of their attention.


If you’re anything like me, when you think of narcissists, images of them surrounded by sycophants or lovers come to mind. After all, that’s what we see in the media – Narcissists getting their way through manipulation and control. However, research shows that this is not always the case. A study carried out by Dr. Sam Vaknin showed that a shocking 80% of Narcissists do not have any friends! What’s more, these are not just isolated cases either – studies have also shown that people with narcissistic traits tend to be less successful than those without them at work and in relationships. ###

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