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We all know how it goes: you meet someone and you just feel like getting to know them better. You think of all the excuses you have to not hang out with them right away, but somehow they always manage to worm their way into your heart. Well, we here at The Better Life Advice Blog know the drill. We’ve all been there. And frankly, we don’t want to go through it again. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best excuses to not hang out with someone. From “I have too much work to do” to “I have a headache,” these excuses will have you covered in case you can’t come up with any other good reasons.

You’re too busy

If you find yourself frequently saying “I’m too busy” when it comes to hanging out with your friends, here are some excuses that you can use to avoid them:
-“I’m working on a project.” This excuse can work for almost any activity. If you’re not sure if something is worth your time, think about whether or not it will benefit you in the long run. If the project is important and will help you achieve your goals, then by all means do it!
-“My parents are visiting.” Sometimes parents just want their kids to themselves for a while, no matter how much they may complain. This is perfectly understandable. If they need to be home though, make sure to tell them beforehand so they don’t get upset when they show up unexpectedly. 
-“I have a lot of homework.” Sure, this might be true sometimes, but don’t use it as an excuse every time. Giving yourself some wiggle room will let you say yes more often when your friends ask to hang out. And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll finally finish all your homework and be able to go out with them instead!
-“I overslept and I have to hurry.” Yeah, this one might happen sometimes too… But if you must catch up on sleep ASAP, maybe try scheduling a later time instead. That way you can still see your friends without feeling guilty or like you’re forcing the issue.

You don’t have enough time

Too busy.

I’m too tired.

I have to work.

We don’t have anything in common.

You just don’t feel like it

There are many reasons why someone might not feel like hanging out with their friends or loved ones. Maybe they’re just really tired after work, or they’ve got another commitment they need to take care of. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards for us, no matter what we want to tell ourselves. Here are some of the most common excuses to not hang out with someone:
1) I’m too busy. This is one of the most common excuses people use when they don’t want to do anything. But if you’re truly too busy, then finding a way to make time for your friends and loved ones is important. If you can’t find time for them now, then you’ll never be able to make time for them in the future.
2) I don’t have anything interesting to talk about with you. This might be true if your friend isn’t very active on social media or doesn’t follow any relevant news or events. If this is the case, then trying to find something specific that you could discuss might be difficult. However, chances are good that there’s at least one thing both of you would enjoy doing together if given a chance!
3) I don’t feel comfortable around this person/they make me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes people just don’t feel comfortable around certain people and that’s okay! It may take some effort on our part but it’s worth it to try and build a relationship where everyone feels comfortable participating.

There’s someone else you want to see

It’s hard to not want to hang out with someone, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Maybe you’re already busy or there’s someone else you want to see. No matter the reason, here are some excuses to not hang out with someone:
7 Excuses to Not Hang Out With Someone
1. I’m really tired.
2. I have a lot of homework/homework tonight.
3. I don’t feel well.
4. I have something else I need to do today.
5. I’m too busy right now.
6. Something came up unexpectedly and I have to cancel on the person—no matter how much we wanted to hang out together!
7. They’re just not my type—I’d rather spend time with someone else!

You don’t think he or she would like you

If someone you’re friends with doesn’t seem to be into you, there are a few excuses you can come up with to avoid hanging out with them. First, maybe they’re just busy. Second, maybe they don’t have time for new friends right now. Finally, maybe they just don’t like your style. No matter what the reason may be, it’s always polite to give someone the benefit of the doubt and move on.

You’re not in the mood

1. You’re not in the mood.
2. You have other plans.
3. You’re too busy.
4. You don’t feel like it.
5. It’s already late/early enough in the night and you’re tired.
6. There’s something you need to do tomorrow that you think will be more fun than hanging out with this person right now.

You’re just not feeling it

When you don’t want to hang out with someone, there are a few excuses you can use. Sometimes, the person you’re not feeling is just not your type or you have other plans. However, sometimes there are legitimate reasons why you can’t spend time with that person. If you’re not sure whether or not you should avoid hanging out with someone, here are five excuses to consider:

1. You’re tired: If you’ve been working hard all day and just don’t feel like doing anything else, it’s understandable to say that you’re too tired to hang out. If your explanation for not wanting to hang out sounds like you’re already exhausted, it might be a good idea to reconsider because spending time with someone when you’re already drained won’t be easy.

2. You have other plans: If the person you’re not feeling wants to hang out but something else comes up for either of you, that’s fine! You can always tell them what’s going on afterward and see if they’d like to still get together sometime down the line.

3. The person is annoying: Sometimes people can be annoying and we just don’t want to deal with them. We might think that if we hung out with them it would only make things worse.

4. You don’t think the conversation will be interesting: Sometimes the thing we dread most is talking to people we don’t want to talk to. Maybe we just

You don’t think it would be a good idea

There are many reasons why one might not want to hang out with someone, and it can be tough to come up with a believable excuse. However, there are a few good reasons not to go out with someone, even if you don’t think they’re great company. Here are five of the best excuses to not hang out with someone: 1. You’re too busy.

If you really can’t spare the time, then you might say that you’re too busy. This is always an effective excuse because it’s true! Whether you have a lot of work or school demands, there’s no harm in saying that hanging out just isn’t feasible for you at this moment. 2. You’re not feeling well.

If you’ve been sick recently or suspect that you have something contagious going around, then it might not be a great idea to hang out with someone who is also getting sick. Instead, stay home and rest up so that you can fully recover. 3. You have other plans.

Sometimes we make plans with friends without really considering what our other obligations may be at the time. If something comes up and we need to cancel them or reschedule, then that’s okay! Just let them know ahead of time so that there aren’t any surprises when we meet up again later on down the line 4. It’s too late now – sorry!

If it’s already past the time that you’d ideally like to hang out with someone

It’s too late now

There are a lot of reasons why people might not want to hang out with someone. Maybe the person is busy, or they don’t have anything fun planned. In any case, there are always excuses you can make if you don’t want to go out with someone. Here are five of the best:

1. I’m too tired/busy: This one is always good, especially if you’re not tired or busy. Just say that you need some rest or that you already have plans for the evening.

2. It’s raining: Even if it’s not raining, this is an OK excuse because it means you won’t have to leave your house and risk getting wet. Plus, it gives you the option of staying in and watching a movie or playing video games instead of going out on a date.

3. My friends are unavailable: If your friends aren’t available, try saying that you would like to hang out with them later but right now you just don’t have time. You could also offer to meet up another time instead so that both of your schedules are covered.

4. It’s too late now: This one is always good because it means the other person won’t be upset if you can’t go out with them right then and there. Just say something like “I’m sorry but I’ve already had a busy day” or “It’s already getting late and I should get going.”

5. The

What is a good excuse not to hang out?

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid hanging out with someone. Maybe you’re tired, and you don’t feel like spending time with them. Maybe you’re already busy that night and don’t want to add another obligation to your list. Maybe you just don’t feel like it. No matter the reason, there are always some good excuses not to hang out with someone. Here are five of the best:
3. I’m too busy
4. I don’t have anything to wear
5. I don’t have anything interesting to talk about

How do you tell someone not to hang out?

When it comes to socializing, sometimes the most difficult thing to do is say no. But if you want to keep your social life healthy and manageable, there are a few things you can do to avoid saying no when you don’t want to hang out with someone. Here are five tips for avoiding the dreaded “no” conversation:

1. Be honest
The first step is ALWAYS being honest with your friends and family about what you’re interested in and what your availability is like. Let them know that you’re not interested in going out on a date tonight but would love to meet for coffee tomorrow instead. This way, they won’t be surprised or offended when you say no, and they’ll know that you’re taking care of business.
2. Take breaks
If hanging out with someone feels daunting or too time-consuming, consider taking a break instead. When you take some time away from the person, it can help clear your head and make you more eager to socialize again in the future. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely cut ties with them; just allow yourself some breathing room so that things feel less pressure-filled when you do eventually decide to reconnect later on down the line.
3. Make time for other people
Don’t neglect your own social life by constantly focusing on hanging out with someone else all the time. Schedule some time for activities that interest you independently of anyone else – this could be going hiking, biking, etc

How do you say no to a friend who wants to hang out?

How to say no to a friend who wants to hang out?

There are many great excuses not to hang out with friends. If you don’t have the time, you may be overloaded with work or school commitments. Maybe you’re just not in the mood. No matter why you say no, be polite and let your friend know why you can’t go.

What is a good last-minute excuse?

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to avoid hanging out with someone. Maybe you’re busy and don’t want to see that person, or maybe you have something else planned and don’t want to cancel on them. Whatever the reason, here are some good last-minute excuses you can use to not hang out with someone.


As humans, we all have our reasons for wanting to avoid certain types of social situations. Whether it’s because you’re feeling guilty or just don’t feel like it, here are the top 10 excuses not to hang out with someone: 1. I’m tired 2. I don’t have anything interesting to talk about 3. I don’t want to be around people 4. I’m busy that day 5. There isn’t anyone that interesting available 6. It’s too cold outside 7. My phone battery is low and I need to charge it up first 8. The person I want to hang out with isn’t available that day either at 9. They’re already in a good mood and I don’t want to bother them 10. It’s late/I’ve had enough for one day

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